Areas of Practice

Our collective experience covers all areas of property tax law. Our shared commitment to determining the best course of action for each individual case influences the quality and impact of our work.

Abatements and Incentives

Our firm has researched property tax abatements and incentive programs since their inception. We have an acute attention to detail and accuracy, and we stay current on approval procedures and laws. From correcting errors and removing tax liens to protesting the imposition of back taxes, we help clients gain all possible relief and obtain significant tax savings and benefits.

Eminent Domain

We protect the rights of property owners when the government exercises its power of eminent domain to force the sale of private property for public use. We are excellent at arguing value, and we protect the constitutional rights of the property owners and to ensure that fair compensation is paid for property taken.

Property Tax Appeals

Our work is concentrated in ad valorem property tax appeals. We are thorough in our analysis and extremely responsive and have a broad range of experience across all jurisdictions. And we are committed to the whole process: our representation starts at the beginning, dealing with local assessors and determining the assessment, and continues all the way through to full litigation.

Commercial Real Estate Transactions

A brief analysis before beginning a real estate transaction can help prevent future issues that are time-consuming costly and frustrating to resolve. Our firm is experienced in reviewing and negotiating a wide variety of commercial real estate transactions, including leases, sales, purchases and contracts. We offer sound advice to reach the best outcome, as quickly as possible.

Zoning and Real Estate Development

We assist owners and developers navigate the application and approval process related to zoning and real estate development. We have worked closely with independent appraisers, consultants, and government officials involved in development or redevelopment projects. The strength of these relationships serves as a guide through the complexities of real estate development and helps projects proceed to completion as efficiently as possible.

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